UFC 218 Odds – Max Holloway vs. Jose Aldo 2 Betting Preview

Max Holloway’s name reign will start with a direct rematch. With Frankie Edgar out of this Saturday’s UFC 218 major event, former winner Jose Aldo will find an opportunity to win the featherweight belt he once held for almost five years. The pair collided at UFC 212 this past June, with Holloway notching a third-round TKO and walking off with the belt.
Can Aldo reverse the outcome this time around? Let’s take a peek at the UFC odds at BookMaker.eu and go over your betting choices.
UFC Odds at BookMaker.eu
Max Holloway -298
Jose Aldo +230
Over/under 2.5 rounds, over -150 Matchup Preview
From the first matchup, Aldo started off strong, capturing clean, technical mixtures to take the very first round. Holloway, normally an extremely fast starter, did small in the initial round, trying to find his rhythm and range. For a guy that that lands nearly six strikes a minute, Holloway threw puzzlingly little strikes to the first two rounds.
It turned out that was the plan all along, as”Blessed” and his group felt that Aldo was most dangerous ancient, using a gas tank which could be manipulated later. Since the next round started, we started to see the typical, higher octane Max Holloway, that started pouring on lively kick-punch combinations. Though Aldo managed to land a few counters, Holloway marched him down and put him away before the round ended.
The success was a decisive one, making it easy to feel that Holloway is a surefire choice. Aldo has long had difficulties with his cardio, while Holloway is a fighter using a nonstop motor. Making things worse for the Brazilian is Holloway’s iron chin – Aldo’s fast and strong enough to ice many dudes using a single combination, but he cannot seem to do this with Holloway.
So is there some route to a win for Aldo? Possibly. For starters, he could get back to the painful leg kicks that were his bread-and-butter during his early UFC days. Why he has gone away from it is puzzling to many observers, as it was one of the best weapons in the full struggle game. Nevertheless against Holloway and Frankie Edgar before himAldo barely withdrew any. Softening up the legs of a competitive fighter such as”Blessed” would help the Brazilian fight at his preferred pace.

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