Tyson Fury interrupts WWE event and is restrained by security

After attempting to enter the ring region after a match on WWE SmackDown 23, tyson Fury had to be restrained by security.
Fury, whose most recent boxing match was a points win over Otto Wallin last month, was in attendance in the Staples Center in Los Angeles along with his family since SmackDown debuted in its time slot on Friday nights.
He was included in a playfulsquaring up with Braun Strowman during a five-on-five tag team game.
But things turned sour when Strowman sent Dolph Ziggler crashing to Fury along with the British Catholics dropped back to his seat.
Strowman and tyson exchanged the former and words tried to climb over the barricade to accomplish the so-calledMonster Among Men but was restrained by several security guards.
Even the Los Angeles crowd chantedlet them fight however, the safety stayed in place and the problem cooled off, but the issue between Fury and Strowman can now lead to a wrestling match between them both.

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